Hi, My name is Yongli aka Yori White, I’m the Director and Founder of yoriwhite.com. My profiles are as follow:

Yori White graduated from SIM with a Bachelor in Finance (Merit) and started life as a banker. The banking experience not only polished up his understanding of personal finance and investments but also made him take precaution of the financial records of those listed companies.

He is a “Wealth Architect” and helps clients to protect and build their wealth. He currently works as a Financial Adviser in the Finance industry.

He has a very diverse hobby, such as blogging, YouTube posting, writing eBooks, running, cycling, reading, planting etc. He is also very passionate about stock investments. He likes to share his past investment experiences and how to approach the stock market in a very safe manner. This website he mainly uses it to promote his first eBook and to share how to make money online through his blog posts.

Although he had already learned a lot in the stock markets in his younger days, he thinks he would be so much better now if he could have approached the stock market differently in his younger days. Nowadays, not only he spend most of his free time to provide financial advisory services, he also shares how to blog and make additional income online.

He leads a very simple lifestyle as he doesn’t have much desire for luxury stuff. Therefore currently he is in a “semi-retired” mode. He loves exploring different places and try different foods together with his families. He desires more free time with his family and therefore currently now he is actively investing and managing his personal portfolio.

He can also be contacted at yori@yoriwhite.com if you

i. Need any forms of investments and wealth management
ii. Want to advertise or collaborate with him
iii. Have any questions or any feedback and comments
i.v Want to exchange link and blog roll

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