Sorry, My Website Was Downed!!!!

Thank you guys! Some have sent in concerns why I didn’t blog for quite a long time. Various things had happened, my son contracted chicken pox and one of my plugin was affected that cause my whole website to be inaccessible. The message you saw “Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context …

Few Engage In It

Intellectual sport is so hard that few engage in it. One of the books you shouldn’t be missing out if you really want to get rich is “Think and Grow Rich“! Being rich isn’t really all about the money, but rather is all about the time as our time are limited.   Please follow and …

My Beloved Ones

Today I have to take care of my daughter as she was contracted with chicken pox. Therefore both of us now are “stuck” at home. However, the good things is I’m still able to upload some of her videos when she was young into her online playlist Please follow and like me:

Using WhatsApp on Desktop / Laptop


For those whose mobile phone often being used by kids or those who are always forgetful and leave the mobile phone in the living room while working in the study room. You might want to know “How to use WhatsApp on your desktop” in case you need to communicate with your colleagues or friends while …

Join multiple videos into one

keep life simple

In our daily life, we would like to keep things as simple and as minimalistic as possible. So much so in the virtual world too. Therefore, today I have learned and share “How to join multiple videos into one“. By doing so, your digital stuff will be tidier and organized. Please follow and like me:


As some of you might already know that ClickSense no longer allows PayPal to be the avenue for the cash payout. Therefore currently, I’m using PAYTOO Wallet to house all my earnings from ClixSense. So far, I have credited my earnings inside and indeed after a few days, the money was in. So same like …